Children’s Museum of the Shoals

Want to play a giant keyboard with your whole body? Dig for dinosaur bones? Maneuver a steamboat down the Tennessee River? If you’re a child, come on over to the Children’s Museum where you will play in a real hands-on way-and you’ll learn at the same time. Like discovering different cultures, taking the mystery out of science, tweeking technology, entering the world of the disabled for a short while, expressing yourself through paint, a rainstick, or dance.

Plus have downright fun by playing dress up, chasing butterflies, watching a magician Poof! away a rabbit. Learn the incredible rock and jive of the Shoals and why north Alabama is rich in history and culture. Imagine. Make choices. Create. You can even have your special day in the Birthday Room!

If you aren’t a child, that’s OK. Your children and grandchildren will tell you all about it-again and again.

Admission Charged
Hours: Thursday-Saturday: 10 AM-4:30 PM

Address: 2810 Darby Dr, Florence, AL 35630
Phone: 256-765-0500
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