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Cottontown Quail

Cottontown Quail

6615 County Line Rd
Leighton, AL 35646

Phone: 256-412-6825

Cottontown Quail

The Cottontown Experience A guided Quail Hunt, Leighton, Alabama

Contact us by phone at (256) 412-6825

*We answer all calls personally. Please leave a message if we are not available.*


By email at info@cottontownquail.com

Cottontown Quail Hunting Preserve is a family owned farm located in Colbert County close to the small town of Leighton, Alabama.

​The grounds include 160 acres of hunting terrain with trained bird dogs and food plots that are planted annually. The acreage contains sparsely populated piney woods with open fields. The planted food plots contain partridge peas, milo, sorghum sudan, and sunflowers on all edges of the food plots.

​A trained professional guide and dogs stand wing and shot.

Owner: Gordon Fennel