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Florence Indian Mound and Museum

Florence Indian Mound and Museum

1028 S Court Street
Florence, AL 35630

Phone: 256-760-6427
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Florence Indian Mound and Museum

The mound rises from history-43 feet high, the largest trove of ancient tools, pottery, jewelry, and pipes in Alabama. See the spear points that killed mammoths and mastadons as the Ice Age retreated and the Tennessee Valley sprouted green. View fish hooks sharpened out of deer hoofs, spider necklaces elegantly carved from river bottom shells, and clay pots hand-shaped from the earth and fired for everyday survival.

The mound is history. Climb the steps yourself, wondering if Indian priests and chiefs mounted them too, reaching for the sun. Hear the Yuchi's nearby Singing River, the Tennessee River that carries a young woman's songs in the waters. See the rich collection of rare and sought-after Clovis and Cumberland points 500 generations old, animal effigy pipes, woven textiles, soapstone carvings-all in chronological order, from Paleo, Transitional, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian and Historic Native American ages.

The Tennessee Valley first attracted man who followed roving prehistoric beasts. Later tribes settled in the shoals to feast on fish and mussels, hickory nuts, white tail deer, turkey, berries and bear. The warm climate gave them sunflowers, corn, squash, sumpweed.

Generations parleyed with explorers like De Soto, traded with boatsmen, hunters, and, later, Civil War era farmers and soldiers. Now, you'll see real pieces of their lives, thousands of relics and artifacts, in the Florence Indian Mound & Museum -- a rare touch with the past.

Admission Charged

Hours Tuesday-Saturday, 10 AM-4 P