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Pope's Tavern and Museum

Pope's Tavern and Museum

203 Hermitage Drive
, FL 35630

Phone: 256-760-6439
Hours: 10 AM to 4 pm

Pope's Tavern and Museum

Pope’s Tavern is a destination for 4th grade students across the area who are studying Alabama history; regional tourists interested in early Alabama history; and community members seeking a better understanding of the area’s past. 

While at the museum, visitors are challenged to explore the area’s history through different perspectives. Narratives from slaveholders, enslaved people, yeoman farmers, freedmen, and Native Americans challenge visitors to understand the past from multiple viewpoints, using historical artifacts and interpretation. 

The site is a vessel for exploring different aspects of Alabama history, including slavery, the Civil War, and life in early Alabama. Walkable from both the University of North Alabama and downtown Florence, the Museum is a must for history-lovers.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM-4 PM.

Admission Charged