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Everything you need to plan your visit to Florence, AL and the Shoals.

Are you headed to Florence, AL and the Shoals? We’ve got everything you need to plan your trip here. Get driving directions from nearby metro areas and look at which airports are most convenient for air travel. Visit the weather page to see what the climate will be like during your visit and pack accordingly.

If you need inspiration for planning your visit, then request a copy of the official visitor’s guide to Florence, Lauderdale County, and the Shoals.

Even after you arrive in the area, we’re here to help! Stop by the visitors center in McFarland Park, where our local experts can help answer questions and guide you to the best attractions and things to do in the area.

Plan with these helpful resources:

Weather & Average Temperatures

View the annual average climate, including highs, lows, and expected rainfall for Florence, AL.

Getting Here

Getting to Florence, AL and the Shoals is easy.

Request A Visitor Guide

Get a copy of the official visitors guide and get inspired!

Visitors Center

Located in McFarland Park, the Visitor Center has impressive displays and exhibits designed by...

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Colbert County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Our sister Convention & Visitors Bureau can be found on Hwy.72 in Tuscumbia.

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Tours & Itineraries

Get inspired to discover Florence and the Shoals with travel itineraries and tours.

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Family Fun

Find out about the best activities and attractions for families in Florence and the Shoals.

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Annual Events

Plan your visit around one of our top annual events, festivals, or holiday celebrations. See what’s happening throughout the year.

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Thursday, Mar 23
H: 78°
L: 55°
Weather icon Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Friday, Mar 24
H: 79°
L: 65°
Weather icon Heavy rain in the evening and overnight.
Heavy rain in the evening and overnight.
Saturday, Mar 25
H: 75°
L: 58°
Weather icon Rain in the morning.
Rain in the morning.
Sunday, Mar 26
H: 75°
L: 49°
Weather icon Light rain overnight.
Light rain overnight.
Monday, Mar 27
H: 71°
L: 54°
Weather icon Overcast throughout the day.
Overcast throughout the day.
Tuesday, Mar 28
H: 65°
L: 47°
Weather icon Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Wednesday, Mar 29
H: 65°
L: 41°
Weather icon Clear throughout the day.
Clear throughout the day.
Thursday, Mar 30
H: 73°
L: 42°
Weather icon Possible light rain overnight.
Possible light rain overnight.